Friday, November 22, 2013

Connecting the Dots: Fred Craddock Shares his Journey into the Ministry

Reflections on My Call to Preach: Connecting the DotsI am a preacher and live in a world where I share my calling with a lot of wonderful people who don't really understand what that calling is.  The biggest reason for the lack of understanding is that the call of God to preach defies words.  Fred Craddock share the intimate journey from being a little Tennessee boy to one of the greatest and best known preachers of our age.

Craddock's book "Preaching" was required reading in seminary and rightfully so.  It is an in depth look at the process of discerning and creating the oral event that we call a sermon.  "Reflections" goes behind the scenes of the sermon and looks for those "dots" or "final proofs" that affirm this calling is of God and not just a personal decision.  I won't spoil his discovery but will offer this tease.  Quoting Franz Werfel, " (to ) the one who wills to believe, final proof is not necessary.  To the one who will not believe, final proof is never enough." 

This is not a book of chicken-soupy anecdotes but a journey of discovery of how Fred Craddock the preacher came to be.  It is also a witness for us all to the power of an honest memoir for self-discovery.  If you are a preacher is can help you put words to your journey.  If you are not, it may help you understand the strange motivation of those  preachers who are under your care.

A great read from a great writer.