Saturday, February 9, 2013

St. Anthony, A Christian "Maggid"

Story Telling as 
a Means of Grace

The Jewish mystics have a tradition of story telling that dates back many hundreds of generations.  The Maggid (Magid) is basically a wandering street preache/Rabbi that repeats the Torah  with teaching stories. Christians can certainly receive a blessing from hearing them.

 Long before Jesus and His parables, the Maggid would travel around and teach right-eousness through their stories.  Jesus used this style of teaching in His earthly ministry and perfected His parables for us in our scripture today.

Project Shalom, through its "story tour, shares the deeper wisdom of the story.  The site offers a number of stories in print and a podcast from Rabbi Rock. I don't know anything about the group but the stories are rich.   It is operated by donations and is worth pitching in a couple of bucks. for using it.

Christians had a rush of spiritual story telling a few years ago.  The stories of the Desert Fathers (and mothers) along with other stories from other  Christian mystics and monastics were popular for a while but fell back into the shadows. These stories are worth revisiting.

Hear some of the stories that Jesus might have heard at Tour/