Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Book Review: "Extraordinary" by John Bevere

"Extraordinary" is a book written for the spiritually stuck. Bevere is begging the reader to break out of the ordinary, live the life God created us for and tells how to do it. God provides everything you need for this extraordinary life and apart from God it is simply out of reach. This is a systematic Christ-ology that is written passionately and personally. Bevere is offering the reader a fellow traveller for the Christian Journey and covers the subject of living the Christian life thoroughly. The journey begins with the opening prayer on page 16 and moves toward a decision. Since this is an important message, mostly aimed at the new or almost believer, a look at the messenger is in order.

Bevere has several videos on youtube including sermons. He writes like he preaches, boldly and "from the battleground and not the playground". His ministry is called Messenger International, which includes his wife and other family members, is international, seems very successful on several levels, and isn't embroiled in any bad news that I can find.

The book is focused on the basics, Biblical and passionate. He is easy to read and reinforces topics like pleasing God, obedience, where God is in the bad times, and others with personal stories and parables. His use of the Lord's Prayer as a framework is very effective. Like his preaching, he is not afraid to address false but popular notions. I found it a bit tedious in places but overall it was interesting. This is not a book for new converts to go solo but would be good for mentoring or a small group. He offers a workbook and some recorded helps which I have not seen so please check them first. "Extraordinary" would make a good study for a new member, baptism, older youth or young adult class.

The book is solid and I am glad that I read it. I could have done without some of the agendas and rants but he is allowed. He writing style is clear, quotable, and efficient. This is important stuff but I had a hard time getting pumped up by it. Maybe it was just the moment. I am not above being challenged to be more for God.

Thanks to Multnomah Press for giving me this book free in exchange for this review and thank you for reading my blog.

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